TJRC promises justice to victims of Nyayo House torture
The Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission toured the former Nyayo House torture chambers in Nairobi and assured victims they will get to the root of crimes.

The commissioners led by acting chairperson Tecla Namachanja, were shown the dinghy cells by victims.

"We would like to assure the victims that we well give these violations and injustices the attention they deserve during our thematic hearings. We will leave no stone unturned to let Kenyans know what the victims went through" said Namachanja yesterday.

She also invited all victims of torture to ready themselves to give their testimonies when countrywide hearings begin next month.

Some of the torture survivors and their families presented a memorandum to TJRC saying it was a historical opportunity for them to tell their story and get redress for the trauma suffered.

Full compensation

"We expect the TJRC to fully investigate, expose and facilitate full compensation for survivors and families. We also expect perpetrators to be punished," said Njuguna Mutahi, one of the victims.

The victims also criticised Attorney General Amos Wako for delaying the release of compensation money that was granted by the High Court last year and urged the courts to speed the rest of the cases.

""It is insulting for the Government to delay the release of the compensation when the victims are still suffering the trauma of their torture. They are trivializing the horrific things we went through," said a victim who declined to be mentioned.

They also called for a monument to be established at Nyayo House to remind future generations of the dark chapter of the country


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