Revealed: Britons tortured Kenyans to keep jobs
The brutality meted on hapless Kenyans during the dark days of the liberation struggle have been unmasked with chilling revelations about the cruelty of some administrators and the pains they went through to mask their acts. Colonial administrators were determined to subvert justice to preserve their positions, which wielded immense powers, recently-released letters that were exchanged by panicked civil servants have shown. In a war where brothers were pitted against brothers, at times friendly fire was exchanged with deadly consequences after 5th KAR massacred 20 home guards in Chuka, Meru, between June 17 and 18, 1953. Shocking findings Although details about the massacre are scanty, the matter was hushed up in Government quarters, explained away as the consequent of contact with Mau Mau, until a former MP Dingle Foot conducted investigations whose findings were shocking. The investigator found out that the 20 had been shot dead by KAR, and the Government was forced to compensate the families of the deceased with 105 pounds. But the investigations opened floodgates, which sent chills down the spines of administrators, especially in Central Province, where torture methods had been redefined. A senior civil servant, CM Johnson, spilt the beans in a letter dated June 20,1956, when he wrote, "What does worry me is an enquiry into an incident which occurred prior to the Amnesty of June 18, 1955


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