Nubians petition TJRC over injustices

NAIROBI, Kenya Jan 25 - The Nubian community has presented a memorandum to the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission stating allegations of historic injustice they have been facing since independence.

Kenya Nubian Council Chairman Issa Abdulfaraj said on Monday, that they had been continuously denied the right to acquire identification documents and own property, limiting their economic development.

"Members of this community are forced to go through a stringent vetting system and swearing of an affidavit. This is type of citizenship is regarded as acquired by registration which is revocable," he said.

Mr Abdulfaraj said previous government had failed to honour pre-independence agreements which had seen their ancestors settled in Kenya after they served in the British Army.

He said that previous governments had made it easy for Nubian land in the country to be grabbed at will by the politically correct and the Provincial Administration.

"The encroachment on the Nubian land by communities in transit has resulted in discrimination of the Nubian community



Independent Legal Consultant.

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