I have taken note of the announcement made this afternoon by the ICC Chief Prosecutor Mr Luis Moreno-Ocampo in regard to the Kenyan case.

Like other countries, our overriding desire in subscribing to international conventions is to advance our national interest both internally and


We do expect, therefore, that the International Criminal Court process will meet our expectations as a nation.

I wish to state that the people who have been mentioned have not yet been fully investigated as the pre-trial process in The Hague has only but began.

They, therefore, cannot be judged as guilty until the charges are confirmed by the court.

Calls for action to be taken against them are, therefore, prejudicial, preemptive and against the rules of natural justice.

In the meantime, I wish to state that the Government is fully committed to the establishment of a local tribunal to deal with those behind the post-election violence, in accordance with stipulations of the new Constitution.

As a nation we must also focus on the need for national healing and reconciliation. This is paramount as we move forward on the path of national peace and unity.

I also wish to assure Kenyans that the Government has intensified security around the country.

The Government is providing full support to our security forces to enable them perform their duties of protecting the lives of all citizens and their property.

I appeal to Kenyans to remain calm. The Government will remain vigilant and ensure that the rights of its citizens and the dignity of the nation are upheld.


Independent Legal Consultant.

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