Political interests mar implementation of new constitution
The person to head the crucial Commission for the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) could be known this week.

This will be the highlight of a hectic week in which crucial decisions for Kenya must be made, both within and outside Parliament, but eyes will also be on Justice Miniser Mutula Kilonzo in whose office the process is domiciled.

Worries are growing that implemention of the new laws has been hijacked by the politicians who led Kenya to the brink of civil war in 2007.

Heightening these fears is the growing conviction that the process has not been entirely devoid of political interference at the highest level of government.

Even worse, Parliament, which will have to approve the names of the CIC commissioners, is already divided over the list of 80 new constituencies drawn up by the Interim Independent Boundaries Review Commission.

Among the questions being raised about the CIC is the decision to pick individuals seen as closely allied to PNU and ODM wings of the Government, when Kenyans were expecting a clean break from the past.

With the passage and adoption of the new Constitution, Kenyans looked forward to seeing the end of people with political connections getting key roles in the implementation process.

Expectations were high that the Government would give the public a replica of the Committee of Experts CoE who drafted the new laws, and who steered clear of controversy by not engaging in politics.

Two lawyers, Dr Ekuru Aukot and Nzamba Kitonga, not known for their dalliance with politicians, headed the CoE, and managed to succeed where others failed.

The Parliamentary Select Committee headed by Mandera Central MP Mohamed Abdikadir, who applied diplomacy and tact in leading his team of MPs guiding the process of refining the new Constitution, made the CoE
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