Provinical administration restructuring

The restructuring of the Provincial administration has been a hot topic in the country following the passing of new constitution, a constitution which provides for the radical restructuring of the provincial administration.

However, politicians have already begun to hijack the process, and this began with pronouncements and plans by Internal Security Minister George Saitoti and his PS Francis Kimemia  to the effect that they have already set out plans to transform the Provincial Administration and have already developed a blueprint of their proposed Provincial Administration without consulting the nation. They also declared that they had dispatched a team to Brazil to gain more insight on how they will carry out the restructuring, all without the participation of the public or professionals. These plans have been heavily opposed by civil society organizations and a number of legislators and who rightly argue that such moves are in violation of the Constitution.

In addition to the plans by Saitoti and Kimemia, there has been a pact agreed to by Permanent Secretaries following a retreat they made to Mombasa in which they have bound themselves to restructure the Provincial Administration and implement the new laws. The pact by the PSs, contained in a joint communiqu
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