TJRC requests extention of time
The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) Friday wound up its Northern Kenya hearings amid calls by the commission to have its mandate extended.

And all the while, it has been a torturous journey for the commission charged with the mandate of seeking justice for past injustices ranging from underfunding to a credibility crisis.

But its efforts have seen 161 witnesses appear before the TJRC to shed more light on past atrocities.

In the hot seat Friday was Rtd. Colonel Frank Kariuki who was offered a platform to narrate his experiences in relation to the gross violation of human rights that occurred in Northern Kenya.

Kariuki had a hard time defending the military's mandate in the volatile area which was at the time sought to secede from the rest of the country.

Kariuki's constant assessment of the locals' activities comparing them with the Mau Mau freedom fighters only acting to infuriate TJRC acting chair Tecla Namachanja.

The commission hopes to use the information gathered to make necessary recommendations with a view to providing closure to victims of the violations including Wajir's Wagalla Massacre.

However, the commission is seeking to have its tenure extended by another six months.

The commission fears that its mandate might not be achieved within the stipulated time taking into account the teething problems that the commission encountered at its tentative stages.


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