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To say the month of November was an interesting one would be an understatement. The most sensational event in the month was what is now commonly referred to as Wikileaks is an international new media website that publishes and comments on leaked documents which revolve around government and corporate misconduct through the posting of  highly classified documents and videos online. According to the most recent leaks, American ambassadors appear to be quite frank and merciless in their appraisals of the countries in which they are posted. In the case of Kenya, leaked reports from the US embassy in Nairobi proved a diplomatic disaster for US- Kenya foreign relations as the contents depicted Kenya as "a swamp of flourishing corruption."

Nearly every single sentence in the embassy reports contains disdainful undertones particularly in relation to the references to the two principals- President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga. According to a graph on the Wikileaks website, they claim to have to date collected 1,427 US diplomatic reports related to Kenya. In 2007, Wikileaks had disclosed a report done by the international risk assessment group Kroll which alleged colossal corruption amongst the associates and relatives of former President Daniel arap Moi. The report had actually been commissioned by Kibaki
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