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APSEA paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Mzalendo Kibunjia and the entire National Cohesion and Integration Commission on October 15th 2010 at the commission offices at Delta House, Westlands. The main agenda was to discover ways in which APSEA could engage with the NCIC in helping them realize their mandate of promoting peace and integration in the nation. During the visit, the NCIC informed APSEA that such a partnership was important especially in relation to the activities that NCIC has planned in the coming monthssuch as civil education around the country; auditing of policies for instance in the education sector where the  policy of integration in schools needs to be promoted; the repealing of laws that are discriminatory especially against the NEP (North- Eastern Province); encouraging peaceful resolution to conflicts among the people by initiating forums across the country that will help diffuse tensions and prevent people from resorting to violence in cases of misunderstanding; embedding National values such as diversity and transparency in the Kenyan psyche; dealing with vernacular radio stations which politicians have already began to buy and use for selfish gain; and very importantly, involvement in the implementation of the constitution where the NCIC wants to play an integral role in the drafting of bills related to the implementation of the constitution.

In one of its upcoming engagements, the NCIC is set to visit the Upper Eastern from the 8th to 16th (Marsabit, Moyale, Wajir and Mandera) to see the issues on the ground in the form of baraza
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