Vision and Mission

Vision -To be the recognized organization of professional bodies in the East African Region providing sustainable leadership of professionals in a changing environment for promotion of professionalism in the public interest


Mission -To promote best practices, competence, ethics and integrity among professional societies, create strategic alliances and networks that enhance socio-economic opportunities.


Our Core Values

APSEA shall embrace, promote and maintain the following core values:

(i) Highest standards of professionalism at individual and institutional levels

(ii) Adherence to the highest levels of competence and professional conduct

(iii) Adherence to ethics and personal integrity at the highest possible standards

(iv) Reliability and honesty among professionals

(v) Provision of equal opportunities for all regardless of gender, race or creed

(vi) Enhancement of social responsibility among professionals and the society at large


Membership Benefits

APSEA boasts a wide membership of thirty three (33) professional societies representing over 30, 000 individual members. Members of APSEA enjoy a wide platform for networking with its members

APSEA offers a platform for linkages with professionals within Kenya, the region and on an international front as well. APSEA has been admitted as a member of the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN), a UK based member led organization that provides an enriched network for professional associations and regulating bodies in the UK, Canada, Ireland and Australia. This offers APSEA members specialist knowledge-based services and events on subjects such as Continuous Professional Development and Education programmes (CPD/CPE programmes), governance, ethics and standards.

  • Members have access to technical support on professional matters and to technical tools that altogether provide leading edge knowledge in various fields of professional specialization through our Continuing Professional Education programmes offered by the professional societies of APSEA.
  • Access to library resources in both electronic and conventional form
  • Discounted rates at centres and conference facilities for example at the Professional Centre which are conducive for business.
  • Eligibility for certain members specifically to join professions savings and investment arms.
  • APSEA members have access to value adding services that include career helpline and discounted rates with selected service providers and under specified terms and conditions.

APSEA Corporate Members

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