The Committees objectives include promoting the highest standards of professionalism among members and supporting the development of relevant and responsive National education system. To achieve the stated objectives, PBDC undertakes the following activities: Developing guidelines and promoting CPD programmes among members; Organizing CPD programmes for general membership and Encouraging member associations to become involved in curriculum development of professional education; Promoting research and development through collaborative arrangement with research institutions; Establishment of a research fund; Publication of an APSEA Newsletter and Building a positive image of APSEA regionally, nationally and internationally.

The PDEC is currently compiling the Volume 5, 2013 Issue and is therefore accepting articles for the Volume 5 Issue from APSEA members, stakeholders, partners and other professionals that touch on issues relevant to the above mentioned thematic areas. The articles should contain original detailed reports or research work. The articles must have a clear concept, be reasonably authoritative and show mastery of the subject.

The Professional Journal is currently distributed to all the Professional Association in Kenya, Government Ministries, Kenya Government Agencies, national Museums, State Corporations/Parastatals, Public and Private Universities, Colleges and Research Institutions in Kenya. Plans are underway to distribute it throughout the East African region.

As such this circulation will present your industry with a unique competitive marketing edge and expose your advertisements on a platform that reaches a majority of middle class professionals in Kenya, thus making the journal an ideal means of advertisement to ensure your company’s exposure and product awareness to the Corporate Market. The corporate pages will offer companies the opportunities to showcase their company news, industry, sector and company profiles, product launches, promotions, change of contacts, CSR events and pictorials.

In view of this we invite you to advertise with us. Below please find our advertising rates.

Centre Spread        Kshs.150,000.00
Back Cover             Kshs.100,000.00
Full Page                Kshs. 75,000.00
Inside Back Cover    Kshs. 50,000.00
Half Page               Kshs.  35,000.00
Quarter Page          Kshs.  20,000.00
Amount exclusive of VAT.
Amount payable to The Professional Centre.

For more information on the journal please contact us on at the APSEA Secretariat at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or call Tel: +254-20-2212660, 2222119Fax: +254-20-341883, Cell: 0726-610498, 0733-610948.

APSEA Corporate Members

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