PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (PAC) - Convenor Mr. Felix Okatch

The Committees objectives include: Providing leadership in professional matters affecting the public and encouraging the practice of good governance at social, political and economic levels.  To achieve the stated objectives, PAC undertakes the following activities: Supporting member Associations in matters of public interest such as lobbying on public issues affecting members and promoting amendments of laws to ensure self-regulation in the professional Associations.

Creating capacity to pro-act and respond to public issues from a professional perspective and in particular to create forums for discussion on issues of public interest and lobbying for inclusion of professionals in public institutions including parliament; Recognition of achievement that promote public interest and in particular promoting achievement awards that enhance excellence; Developing good governance criteria for use nationally and in this regard to organize code of conduct workshops nationally; Lobbying for the creation of the office of ombudsman and for this reason the committee will develop the terms of reference for the office and promote the idea among the national stakeholders.

This committee is currently working on a Governance program supported by ACT

APSEA Corporate Members

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