About KSP

The Kenya Society of Physiotherapists works towards the development of national health by representing the physiotherapy profession nationally. KSP also works towards promoting high standards of physiotherapy education, practice and research, supporting communication and exchange of information among its members and the general public. It also collaborates with other international and national professional organizations related to the profession.

Our Objectives

  • Regulation of physiotherapy training and practice.
  • Registration of qualified locally trained physiotherapists.
  • Vetting and registration of foreign trained physiotherapists wishing to practice in Kenya.
  • Organize and coordinate continuous professional advancement for members.
  • Develop and maintain cordial relations with other professional organizations locally and internationally.

International Affiliations

Kenya Society of Physiotherapists is affiliated to the World Confederation of Physical Therapists; it's also a member of the Association of Professional Society of East Africa (APSEA)

For more information please contact us through:
The Secretariat
Kenya Society of Physiotherapists
P.O. Box 20768, Nairobi
Tel:  (20) 219183
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website: http://www.ksphy.org

APSEA Corporate Members

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